Maritime & Transport

The areas of transport and transport infrastructure are complex: they are governed by national and international public and private law, subject to environmental requirements, and often involve trade sanctions and serious security issues. They also encompass many diverse players, such as rail operators and railway infrastructure companies, airport operators, airlines and aircraft financiers, logistics companies, and even ride sharing companies. Such regulatory restrictions in a diverse marketplace, and the growing demand for integrated legal solutions, make transport law one of the most demanding areas of legal practice.

Our Transport and Transport Infrastructure practice group boasts extensive experience in rendering comprehensive legal advice in the transport sector to carriers, freight forwarders and companies engaged in the transport of goods by road, sea, air and rail, storage of goods, customs procedures, and passenger transport services. More recently, our expertise has expanded to complex legal issues raised by the digitalisation of the whole industry and the implementation of new business models and technologies, such as ride sharing and autonomous driving.

We also deliver legal services related to transport infrastructure, such as airports, ports, railways and highways, including PPP projects. We advise on sale and purchase, lease, pledging and the legal registration of aircraft, rail locomotives and wagons, vessels and vehicles.

In the maritime sector, we cater for a wide range of clients from port operators, ship owners and charter companies to financiers and insurers, covering advice relating to port operations, ship sales and acquisitions, charter transactions, financing, as well as regulatory aspects, such as environmental advice on new emissions regulations.