Construction, Planning & Zoning

Our construction, planning and zoning team has extensive experience in advising clients on all aspects of real estate development for commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure projects. We assist and guide our clients in investigating and securing building sites as well as verifying zoning, environmental and other requirements, along with building permits. Our team includes experts in the field of public procurement, and we have extensive experience in representing employers and contractors.

Our experts draft and negotiate bid documents, construction contracts, performance securities, design agreements, consultancy agreements, project management agreements, technology supply and licensing agreements, and operational management agreements. We work with various standardised construction contracts, including FIDIC.

We assist clients in different spatial planning processes and in obtaining official design criteria and building permits. We also address complex legal issues related to strategic environmental impact assessments, Natura assessments, and the environmental impact assessments of various infrastructure and other projects.

Our team has extensive experience in handling claims and resolving construction and zoning disputes.