Product Liability & Consumer Protection

Trends related to more extensive consumer protection and increasingly active supervisory authorities mean that consumer protection and liability issues are an increasing priority. Vigilance in this area is essential to maintain the reputation of products and businesses, and to counteract any unfair or aggressive tactics on the part of competitors. Virtually every manufacturer, distributor or trader of consumer products and services will eventually encounter ambiguous or deficient legal regulations, consumer claims, or aggressive interpretations of legal provisions by the authorities. Professional and timely legal counsel is critical in such situations.

COBALT’s team offers a wealth of experience in advising and representing clients in various industries such as the food, cosmetics, tobacco, financial service, lottery and gambling, health care, pharmaceutical, energy, IT, electronic communications, media, motor vehicle and transportation sectors.

We are prepared to help you with any consumer law-related matters, including:

  • Direct marketing
  • Unfair commercial practices
  • Consumer lotteries
  • E-commerce and distance selling
  • Customer and loyalty programmes
  • Electronic money
  • General terms and conditions for the sale of products or services, standardised client or consumer agreements
  • Internal procedures and policies
  • Launching of products and services on the market, including notifications and registration
  • Product liability claims and product recalls
  • Labelling of products and packaging, including marketing, health and nutritional claims for food products
  • Disputes with government authorities, competitors and consumers