Patents, Trademarks & Industrial Designs

COBALT is unique among full-service business law firms in the Baltic States in its deep skills in intellectual property matters. Our team provides a full range of services to identify, protect and monetise IP assets in the Baltic countries, European Union and throughout the world. Our licenced trademark and design attorneys will register your rights in national offices, EUIPO and in cooperation with our partners in the US, China and other markets. Our highly skilled litigation team will enforce your IP rights before national courts, patent offices and EUIPO. We offer IP protection and transfer strategy consultations and advise on the IP assets treatment in transactions, business transfers as well as licencing, franchising and similar contractual arrangements.

We are prepared to assist you with IP-related matters such as:

  • IP protection strategy and pre-launch brand analysis
  • Due diligence and IP valuation in transactions
  • Securing IP protection and transfer during business transactions
  • IP litigation
  • Managing trademark portfolios, registration, renewal of trademarks and design rights
  • Monitoring of the infringement or registration by third parties
  • Drafting, negotiation and enforcement of licence, franchise and assignments contracts
  • Representation before patent and trademark offices and EUIPO
  • Worldwide registration and enforcement of IP rights through our network
  • Representation of IP rights in customs and state supervisory authorities