Data Protection

Increasingly, businesses and organisations rely on information. Personal data processing takes place whenever data about customers, employees or contractual partners are handled. New technologies and services are data-centred. In-depth knowledge about data processing regulations is essential to ensure compliance with rules, protect user privacy and achieve business goals. Cloud computing, social networking and cross-border sales trigger new data processing concerns. Our experienced team is prepared to guide you through this complex area of the law.

We advise local and international companies on all aspects of data protection and privacy matters. We have experience in data protection issues in all sectors, including in the financial, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, telecoms, online and retail industries. We are also experts in protecting employee data.

We offer advice about:

  • GDPR application
  • The general right to privacy and relevant data protection laws
  • Data processing agreements, privacy policies and consent forms
  • Internal procedures and policies relating to data processing
  • Sensitive data processing rules
  • Implementation of whistleblowing schemes
  • Implementation of complex cross-border data transfers
  • Registration of data processing with the national authorities
  • Safe data transfers outside of the EU/EEA
  • E-privacy and e-marketing (email, SMS, call campaigns; cookies, public directories)
  • Document and information retention rules
  • Resolution of disputes with data subjects and authorities
  • Data protection compliance audits
  • Personal data in the context of M&A transactions, including secure transfers
  • Drafting and implementing online privacy policies, terms and conditions
  • Specific advice for industries such as the life sciences