Capital Markets

COBALT is a leading player in the provision of capital market legal services in the Baltic States. Our Capital Markets team offers a wide range of legal services, including initial public offerings, listings of debt and equity instruments on regulated Baltic markets, issuance of ADRs and GDRs of local financial instruments in international markets, regulated markets and central depositories, structuring and implementation of mandatory and voluntary takeover offers, compliance with legal, regulatory and stock exchange requirements established by issuers and investors, legal representation of issuers and investors, advice on market abuses and insider trading, as well as OTC transactions involving listed instruments.

In co-operation with our partner firms abroad, we advise and assist Baltic issuers in issuing, offering and listing their debt and equity instruments in a number of other European jurisdictions. We work in close partnership with NASDAQ OMX and the central depositories of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, also providing advice to the depositories on legal issues that relate to capital markets.