Asset & Project Financing

Our asset and project financing team provides a full range of legal advice to financiers, financial arrangers, owners, lessors, specialised insurers, developers, manufacturers and operators in relation to medium and big-ticket asset and project financing transactions. Our lawyers have extensive experience in financial techniques, including secured and unsecured lending, capital markets, equity finance, mezzanine finance, leasing, structured finance, project finance, export credits, and receivables financing, crowd funding, crowd lending, other innovative financial techniques, and structuring and implementation of different project-related financial vehicles and arrangements.

Our legal team bases its advice on understanding of various tax, administration, supervision, regulatory, enforcement, insolvency, moral hazard and other potential risks in the relevant transactions. Our extensive experience in structuring investment instruments enable us to consider the needs of the client and its investment programme, providing the critical guidance that is necessary for clients so as to successfully negotiate through the fundraising process. COBALT’s pan-Baltic and Belarusian presence allows us to provide an international perspective to any fundraising, as well as local legal advice on the full range of tax and regulatory issues that arise in connection with private funds in the region.