White Collar

Our lawyers assist in cases of corporate fraud investigations and claims, as well as defence against such allegations. Our lawyers represent and defend clients in highly complex administrative proceedings, as well as matters that relate to ethical breaches. We advise clients on crime prevention issues, as well as ways of protecting businesses against wrongdoing.

COBALT’s attorneys have extensive knowledge about the principles, methods and practices of national courts, prosecutorial offices and law enforcement institutions. They are also aware of the specifics of international institutions such as EUROJUST, EUROPOL and INTERPOL.

Our services encompass:

  • Representing suspects and defendants in proceedings related to corruption, financial or economic crimes
  • Representing claimants and victims in criminal and administrative proceedings
  • Dealing with matters related to the protection of human rights and liberties
  • Representing clients in cases related to the recovery of non-pecuniary damages
  • Defending clients suspected of breaches of professional, official or academic ethics
  • Representing clients before administrative courts, courts of general jurisdiction, state authorities and organisations, the European Court of Human Rights, the United Nations Human Rights Council
  • Providing extensive legal advice on the prevention of crimes and other breaches of the law
  • Providing assistance in the protection of commercial secrets
  • Providing advice on preventing corruption