Restructuring & Insolvency

The scope of COBALT’s restructuring and insolvency practices ranges from legal debt restructuring, corporate restructuring and creditor/debtor representation to cross-border insolvency and rehabilitation proceedings. Our team deals with corporate, finance and capital markets, M&A, litigation and other areas of specialisation that relate to restructuring and insolvency. Our cross-disciplinary approach allows us to address a wide range of issues that may be crucial when counselling or representing our clients in complex restructuring and insolvency procedures.

Our professional practice includes the initiation of bankruptcy and restructuring procedures, drafting documents for courts and creditor meetings, drafting and handling filings from creditors, defence against wrongful insolvency filings, co-operation with receivers and creditors in conducting legal due diligence of transactions concluded by companies that are undergoing bankruptcy proceedings, drafting procedural documents to contest transactions of companies during bankruptcy proceedings, representation and counselling of creditors during bankruptcy proceedings, drafting of outlines and plans for restructuring and co-ordination in relation to interested parties, and ongoing advice related to bankruptcy and restructuring. Our experienced cross-disciplinary team is particularly well-placed to handle various financial institutions and other secured creditors to enforce and recover secured claims in insolvency proceedings. Our professionals are business-minded lawyers who seek real business and/or asset recovery during distressed situations.