Public Administrative & Constitutional Law

Our administrative and constitutional law attorneys provide services to public authorities and individual and corporate clients in the Baltic States who require counsel in dealing with complex government laws, rules, regulations, procedures, permits, or enforcement matters. Our clients trust our in-depth knowledge and long-standing experience in this field. We handle a wide range of legal matters from assisting real estate developers in planning or obtaining a building permit from a local government agency to representing a multinational company in enforcement proceedings by a state authority. Administrative disputes are often complex and need specialist regulatory knowledge. Therefore, our public administrative and constitutional attorneys work side by side with advisory attorneys in the relevant field, thus delivering the best possible outcome for the client.

Our renowned attorneys are sought out for representation in high-profile constitutional court proceedings, either to declare a legal act unconstitutional or to defend its constitutionality. Constitutional rights and obligations form a social agreement that regulates our life, work and businesses at every level. In some cases, laws and regulations do not adhere to that social agreement and thus need to be challenged in the relevant court. Constitutional matters demand outside-the-box thinking, something COBALT attorneys can definitely deliver.