Mediation and conciliation are our preferred methods for dispute resolution, but when these approaches are not feasible, we successfully represent our clients before arbitration tribunals. We excel in resolving complex commercial and multi-jurisdictional disputes. Our portfolio relates to both local and international issues, as well as to a wide variety of areas such as real estate, construction, energy, telecommunications and insurance.

The COBALT team represents corporate and governmental clients in local and international arbitration proceedings. We have gained extensive experience under the rules of ICC, UNCITRAL, ICSID, SCC, LCIA, and the chambers of commerce of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The key to our success has been our unique team approach, offering our clients a combination of high-level arbitration skills and expertise in the relevant area of the law. Our work includes advice on formulating arbitration clauses, provision of legal opinions about the procedure and the subject matter of the dispute that is under review, and the obtaining of recognition and enforcement of international arbitration awards in the Baltic States and Belarus.