Specialist Counsel / Estonia

Kadri Matteus, a Senior Associate, heads the public procurement practice at COBALT Estonia. As one of Estonia's best-known lawyers in the field of public procurement, she advises both contracting authorities and entrepreneurs on a wide range of issues, from the development of procurement procedures to representation in litigation. Kadri has also conducted a large number of procurement procedures, with practical experience both as a lawyer for the contracting authority and in advising companies on participating in procurement. She also has in-depth knowledge and experience in other administrative disputes, being one of the firm's main administrative litigators.

Kadri is a valued speaker in the field of public procurement law and is one of the authors of the commented edition of Estonian Public Procurement Law. She maintains the public procurement blog Riigihankeblogi and the public procurement podcast Etapiviisiline Elu.

Kadri is a conciliator within the meaning of the Conciliation Act and is a recognized legal expert in resolving disputes arising from the performance of procurement contracts.

Kadri has been a member of the Administrative Law Committee of the Estonian Bar Association since 2020.

  • Estonian, English

Membership & education
  • 2014 Estonian Bar Association
  • ELSA Estonia Alumni
  • Member of the Administrative Law Committee of the Estonian Bar Association (since 2020)
  • 2014 Summer School on Intellectual Property, University of Bonn, Germany
  • 2013 Master of Arts degree in law, University of Tartu, Estonia,
  • 2012 WIPO Academy Summer School, Croatia
  • 2010 Bachelor of Arts degree in law, University of Tartu, Estonia

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Kadri is characterized by thoroughness in processing materials and preparing disputes. She is not afraid to take risks, and suggests what and how our arguments could be presented better and win disputes. At the same time, I appreciate her telling us honestly if the prospect of victory is non-existent and unnecessary expense can be avoided. I also appreciate the fact that Kadri keeps an eye on our field and, for her part, makes proposals to clarify legislation. It is good to contact her on all matters concerning public procurement, including performance of public contracts.
Anne Jõesaar, Manager of Services at Ragn-Sells