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COBALT Summer Challenge winners


We are announcing that COBALT SUMMER CHALLENGE is officially finished. Congratulations to all the winners on their incredible results and accomplishments! What a challenge it was with an ever-changing list of leaders. Individually yet together we were active and achieved great results!

Some facts about COBALT SUMMER CHALLENGE (June 1 – August 31):

  • A total of 34 822 km was covered – it is almost three times round the boarders (land and coast) of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus. This is what the team spirit can achieve!
  • A total of almost 1,5 million calories were burned. Unbelievable!

The winners of COBALT SUMMER CHALLENGE are as follows:


I place – Annely Järve

II place – rita

III place – Kersti Sau


I place – Marius Dijokas

II place – Aurimas Čekanauskas

III place – Lembit Tedder


I place – Rimantas Simaitis

II place – Krišjānis Bušs

III place – Ott Aava


I place – Õnne-Liina Jakobson

II place – Mykantas Urba

III place – Krišjānis Bušs


I place – Agnė Stružeckienė

II place – Annely Järve

III place – Vadims Zvicevičs


Congratulations to all the winners! Prizes and diplomas are ready for you! Please contact us to receive your prize - Stay active and healthy!


COBALT Sports Committee