2013 — 06 — 13
Senior associate Triinu Hiob spoke on the necessity of Cargo Insurance at the ICC Estonia export conference


COBALT Estonia supported the export conference of the Estonian national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce “Make Trade Simple” that took place in Narva on the 5th and 6th of June. The export conference of the premier global commerce organisation discussed how to simplify the trade and how this is facilitated by the logistics of the border city of the European Union. During the two days, various experts introduced new possibilities and practices in the field of export (transactions).

In the afternoon of the 5th of June, COBALT Estonia Senior Associate Triinu Hiob made a presentation on the topic “Cargo Insurance – A Waste of Money or the Contrary?” Triinu discussed in detail how carrier’s liability insurance and goods in transit insurance have different focal points and what a cargo holder should keep in mind in order to mitigate their risks. Among other areas, the various insurance cover levels of cargo insurance were discussed.

The conference targeted exporters, importers, lawyers, logisticians and forwarding agents. The conference was supported by KredEx Credit Insurance Company, Narva Gate, Swedbank and COBALT.