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Mastering AML: AML audit and recent developments


2 PM

The latest changes to EU and local AML legislation laid down more detailed and stringent requirements. The need for AML audits is growing not only for internal use (e.g. assistance in detecting flaws in AML procedures which can be unnoticed while performing daily routine tasks) but also for external use (e.g. AML audit reports are requested by correspondent banks or other business partners, supervisory authorities, etc.). Continuous AML audits and relevant auditing programmes show the maturity and credibility of a financial market participant. It is very important to understand the AML audit practice and general requirements applicable to such an audit before planning it. The importance of AML compliance is particularly relevant as the recent cases and fines applied by the regulators for non-compliance with AML requirements prove that regulators do not tolerate AML non-compliance. Furthermore, AML personnel should regularly update their knowledge in relation to recent changes in AML legislation and upcoming legislation both on EU and local level.

In this webinar, we have gathered experienced AML lawyers, financial/audit/risk management professionals to share their experience and knowledge on AML audits as well as insights on planned AML legislative changes.

Topics to be addressed at the webinar:

  1. AML audit from a legal perspective
  2. AML audit challenges from a practitioner’s perspective
  3. Recent legislative developments in AML regulation


  1. Aurelija Balčiūnė, Senior Associate in the Banking and Finance Practice Group, COBALT

  2. Janis Kaulins, Associate Partner, EY
  3. Robertas Grabys, Associate in the Banking and Finance Practice Group, COBALT

The webinar is free of charge and will be held in English.

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Aurelija Balčiūnė is a Senior Associate in the Banking and Finance Practice Group. She has specialised in banking, finance (including AML & Compliance) and other areas for over 10 years. During her legal practice, Aurelija Balčiūnė has gained an extensive experience in AML matters and counselled international banks and other financial market participants on AML & Compliance and other regulatory matters. Aurelija regularly upgrades her knowledge on AML matters by participating in international conferences and events. Furthermore, she is a regular speaker and lecturer on AML matters (in public and private events both locally and internationally).

Janis Kaulins, CAMS-Audit, CFA, FCCA, CISSP, is an Associate Partner at EY, leading the Forensic & Integrity Services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. He has been advising Financial Services Industry institutions for more than 12 years and is specializing in Financial Crime detection and prevention using Advanced Analytics. EY is the leading Anti-Money Laundering and Economic Sanctions Compliance advisor and auditor in the Baltics.

Robertas Grabys is an Associate in the Banking and Finance Practice Group at COBALT. He specializes in banking and finance law. Robertas continuously advises financial industry clients on regulatory matters, including advice on AML compliance requirements. Before joining COBALT team, Robertas worked at electronic money institution as well as at one of the Big 4 accounting firms.

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