2014 — 02 — 28
Jolita Rima Puškorienė appointed to the LCI working group

On 20 February Jolita Rima Puškorienė, a Managing Associate and Head of the Public Procurement Practice Group at COBALT, was appointed by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LCI) to the working group formed by the Ministry of Economy to transpose the Public Procurement Directive to national law. 

Earlier in January, with entry into force of the Rules on Public Procurement approved by the European Parliament, all the member states of the European Union became obligated to transpose the Rules to their national law within a two-year period. To that end, the Ministry of Economy formed a working group from representatives of various institutions interested in public procurement to assist with the drafting of national legislation implementing the new directives on public procurement.

Jolita Rima Puškorienė is a Managing Associate and the Head of the firm’s Public Procurement Practice Group. Before joining the firm in 2010, Jolita Rima Puškorienė led the Prevention and Control Division of the Public Procurement Office under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. During her legal practice she has practiced as a freelance attorney at law, worked at Vilnius County State Tax Inspectorate, the Tax Recovery Department. 

In 2013 Jolita Rima Puškorienė was  also appointed Head of the Committee on Public Procurement of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists. The Committee is responsible for the legal aspects of public procurement and is comprised of LCI members representing Lithuania’s largest companies.