2014 — 03 — 18
Dr Paulius Markovas appointed to the Working Group for Interinstitutional Wind Farms Development Process Coordination

The Renewable Energy Producers Association has appointed Dr Paulius Markovas, Managing Associate at COBALT, to represent the Association at the meetings of the working group for interinstitutional wind farms development process coordination. At its meetings members provide proposals for legislative improvements related to renewable energy production and national security. 

On 20 February 2014, Juozas Olekas, Minister of National Defence, registered at the Seimas amendments to Articles 49 and 51 of the Law on Energy from Renewable Sources proposed by the working group. The amendments provide for additional measures which entitle wind farm developers to be compensated for investments by public authorities in the interests of national security and to build wind power plants as designed in the territorial planning documents.

Until now, licences to build wind power plants were not issued to developers of wind farms which were likely to cause interference to air traffic control and monitoring. If the amendments come into effect, there will be fewer obstacles to issuing licences.

The working group was formed on the initiative from the ministers of the Ministry of National Defence and of the Ministry of Energy, as well as the Renewable Energy Producers Association.