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COVID-19 in the Baltics: What State measures are available or are being planned for your company in each of the Baltic States?


On the 17th of March, we gave an overview on the options available for the governments in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to support companies being harmed by the COVID-19 crisis. At that time we noted that companies should work with the government in order to ensure that the measures taken truly help the companies survive the crisis.

As of the 2nd of April, the Baltic governments have adopted a number of measures to help companies, the most important of which are outlined in the overview table below.



New measures are being introduced daily, and the above table only covers the most important support instruments currently (as of 02.04.2020) implemented or proposed. It is only intended to give a general comparison across the Baltic countries. COBALT will update the table above as necessary to also cover further major measures.

In order for your company to benefit from the above, you will likely need to liaise with the appropriate national authorities.

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