2012 — 12 — 03
COBALT – the legal partner at the annual conference of the Health Forum 'Creating Health for the Year 2020 Today'

The law offices COBALT have been closely collaborating with the Health Forum, which was established last year. The Health Forum is an organisation establishing and developing innovative health processes in the Lithuanian health sector. COBALT contributed to the establishment of the organisation, advised on the issues of its activity and became a partner of this year’s Conference.

The Health Forum is an association of the academic community and health organisations, which seeks to involve the academic community, civil servants, non-governmental organisations, medical staff, and business representatives with different experience in an ongoing discussion as well as formation of an innovative national health policy and improvement of its processes.

The annual Health Forum Conference was held on 29-30 November 2012. The main purpose of the annual Conference 'Creating Health for the Year 2020 Today' was to strengthen public private partnership for health using the ‘health in all policies’ approach, involving other public sectors and looking for innovative solutions.

The Conference was attended by guests from the European Commission, WHO Regional Office for Europe, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, India and other countries, representing various national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

COBALT has years of market-leading experience providing the full range of counselling, litigation, and compliance services to pharmaceutical, medical device and other healthcare entities in responding to regulatory and compliance challenges in Lithuania.