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COBALT successfully represented AS RAGN-SELLS against City of Tallinn


COBALT advised and successfully represented our long-term client AS RAGN-SELLS in a dispute with the City of Tallinn regarding the unlawful activities of the city in the waste transport area of Tallinn’s Kesklinn borough. The complaint was satisfied by the court in full and the court found that the City of Tallinn had unlawfully granted waste holders’ contracts to a city-owned AS Tallinna Jäätmeveo Taaskasutuskeskus and had delayed the organization of a new procurement procedure. The court also prohibited the city from using a similar unlawful scheme, including misleading the waste holders and ordered the city to start a new waste transport service procurement in the Kesklinn borough within one month from the entry into force of the court judgment.

Although the judgment came into force, the city did not execute it and did not initiate the required procurement procedure within the prescribed time. Therefore, AS RAGN-SELLS submitted a request to the court for fining the city for non-execution of the judgment, which was satisfied by the court and to the City of Tallinn was imposed a fine of 11,000 EUR. The city contested the fine imposed by the administrative court both in the district court and in the Supreme Court, but the higher courts dismissed the city’s appeals. Thus, the fine imposed by the administrative court entered into force and the city must pay a fine of 11,000 euros for failure to execute the judgment.

COBALT’s team was led by senior associate Rauno Ligi who was supported by partner Elo Tamm and senior associate Kaidi Reiljan-Sihvart.