2013 — 06 — 03
COBALT sponsors "Forum One" - the largest leadership forum in Eastern Europe

The law offices COBALT sponsored the first largest leadership forum in Eastern Europe ‘Forum One’, held on 1-2 June 2013 in Kaunas.

The world’s leading entrepreneurs and experts in finance, sales, personal and professional development, along with the founder of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson and one of the most prominent business consultants Mr Bodo Schafer, shared their experience and insights with the Forum attendees.

According to Dr Irmantas Norkus, Managing Partner of COBALT, the event created a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to share their experience and get ideas from the most talented globally acknowledged business representatives as the Forum gathered like-minded leaders. ‘Continuous improvement, building reputation and bold decisions are the key elements of leadership, so this event is of great importance for the market,’ emphasised Mr Norkus.   

‘Forum One’ is intended for leaders who seek continuous development and are a step ahead. The Forum inspired the participants to breathe new fire into their creativity and market power. The event was not a text book learning experience – the experts cut to the chase and got to the point of what does work and why.