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COBALT successfully represents Central Election Commission of Latvia in Supreme Court


On 31 October 2018 the Department of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court of Latvia adopted a judgment whereby the COBALT client, Central Election Commission of Latvia was granted a favourable judgment in the case initiated by the 13th Saeima election candidate Jānis Klaužs regarding the validity of the results of October 6 elections of the Parliament of Latvia. The Supreme Court’s ruling is final and cannot be appealed.

The claimant filed two applications with the Supreme Court, requiring annulment of the election results and invalidation of a decision taken by the Central Election Commission. The court did not find any errors on the part of the Central Election Commission or the electronic vote counting system's administrator. The Supreme Court stated that the election results had not been manipulated as a result of an illegal internal or external interference in the electronic vote counting system. First meeting of the newly elected Parliament of Latvia took place on November 6.

Legal assistance and representation of to the Central Election Commission in Supreme Court was provided by COBALT Managing Partner Lauris Liepa.