2012 — 06 — 13
COBALT continues to support the Köler Prize that aims to promote contemporary art in Estonia

The Köler Prize is a private capital supported art prize initiated in 2011 by the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia. It is the only art prize in Estonia based on the nominees’ exhibition, where an international award panel selects the winner and the public chooses it’s favourite. For two consecutive years, the COBALT Estonia office, together with the Contemporary Art Gallery Temnikova & Kasela, has sponsored the public’s favourite prize and later on, the winner’s works of art have been exhibited in COBALT Estonia offices where they can be enjoyed by both employees and clients. In 2011, the public’s favourite prize went to a well recognized young conceptualist painter, Tõnis Saadoja, and in 2012, to a talented Estonian video and installation artist, Flo Kasearu.