2014 — 12 — 01
COBALT conducted trainings for Linava members on relevant truck seizure issues

On 20 November, COBALT lawyers provided trainings to members of LINAVA Association covering the aspects of carriage of goods from the territory of the Customs Union and liability for infringements. Alexandr Voitovich, an associate at COBALT’ Minsk office, made a presentation, and the event was moderated by Maksimas Saveljevas, a representative of Vilnius office at COBALT’ Minsk office. The event focused on highly relevant issues related to seizure of vehicles in Belarus.

In his welcome speech, Julius Misiūnas, Vice-President of LINAVA, called to solve this serious problem at the international level. As it was revealed at IRU General Assembly held in Geneva, not Lithuania alone, but also neighbouring countries face this problem.

The event attracted much interest from carrier organisations and brought together representatives from 29 member companies of the Association. Carriers were encouraged, in view of the existing situation, to refrain from inland haulage operations (so called cabotage) within the Customs Union. Doing so can help avoid the risk of seizure of trucks and goods.

As normal transport business operations are affected by this complicated and long-lasting situation, LINAVA Association intends to approach again the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Transport and Communications seeking that appropriate measures are taken to ensure full respect of the provisions of the international treaty permitting transport operations between different countries.

LINAVA is the Lithuanian National Road Carriers’ Association. Since 1992 LINAVA has been an active member of the International Road Transport Union (IRU). The Association is actively involved in efforts to solve current problems which interfere with normal transport business operations. Also, LINAVA unites and represents Lithuania’s major logistics companies.