2013 — 07 — 12
COBALT and UAB Atea cooperated to create the Lithuanian judicial public e-services portal

COBALT, in conjunction with the IT solutions and services provider UAB ATEA, cooperated to create the Lithuanian judicial public e-services information system and the Lithuanian judicial e-services portal e.teismas.lt, which was launched on 1 July earlier this year.

Using e.teismas.lt portal individuals, companies and their representatives will be able to file and obtain documents placed on the file in civil, administrative cases and cases of administrative offences, listen to audio recordings of court hearings and pay stamp duty and fines from home. The system will provide the capability of preparing submissions to courts using standard form documents available on the public e-services portal. Choosing to use electronic service of process will not only result in saving costs on document drafting, printing, sending and saving the need to travel to the court, but will also enable to save a quarter of the stamp duty amount charged. 

Until now case files and audio recordings of hearings could be accessed and copies of documents could be obtained only by arriving at the court. With the launch of this project, parties to the proceedings will be able to view online all documents and follow the progress of the proceedings from the announcement of the scheduled date of the court hearing to the presentation of judicial findings. If users of the portal so require, they may be additionally notified by e-mail and SMS message of the developments in the case. 

According to Dr Rimantas Simaitis, a partner at COBALT, the system will facilitate faster and more convenient access to the case file for all parties to the proceedings and provide time and cost efficiency by enabling them to save costs on stamp duty and the drafting and sending of documents.

‘The level of utility provided by the system will depend on a case-by-case basis on the individual’s own acumen and knowledge of the case to which he or she is a party. I believe that the portal will deliver benefits for lawyers by enabling them to use time and effort savings working on the substance of the case,’ commented Dr Simaitis.

COBALT’ work in the project included legal advice on various legal aspects related to the filing of documents, payment of stamp duty and other peculiarities of legal proceedings.