2015 — 09 — 30
COBALT – a new corporate member of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance

COBALT has become a new corporate member of the Baltic Institute of Corporate Governance (BICG) in Lithuania.

BICG is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation missioned to deliver value to its stakeholders by promoting global competitiveness of enterprises in the Baltics and encouraging businesses to adopt leading corporate governance practices.

“We support the mission of the BICG to implement the best corporate governance practices both in private companies and state-owned enterprises. As recognised leaders in the market for business legal services, we will contribute our knowledge and thought leadership to enhance good governance practices across the Baltics,” – says Dr Irmantas Norkus, Managing Partner of COBALT Lithuania.

According to Paulius Martinkus, President of the BICG, the importance of corporate governance is becoming increasingly recognised among private shareholders and professional managers. A growing number of independent directors joining state-owned enterprises and a rising number of new members are further signs of the growing support for good governance practices in Lithuania.

Presently, the BICG unites 36 corporate members in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, including stock exchanges, banks, audit firms, law offices, manufacturers, and state-owned enterprises. Individual members of the association are serving as CEOs and Board members of the largest companies in the Baltic States.